Why Wall Washer Lighting is the new trend?

Why Wall Washer Lighting is the new trend?

Wall washer lighting basically illuminates your whole wall with beautiful light. As hinted by the name, it basically is meant to wash up your whole wall with light. These lights are a new idea and their special purpose is to draw attention to a particular side of the room or a wall. Naturally, it means that you might have decorated one wall quite perfectly and want your guests to look at it and be charmed by its beauty. And to make it possible you utilize some beautiful lighting combination which is called wall washer lighting. It uniformly distributes the light on the vertical walls. These lights can help achieve several purposes, some of which are explained below:

Brightens one side of the room

As the description of the wall washer lighting suggests, these lights even though light up the whole room too, but the focus remains on one side or in in particularly one end of the room. Usually the wall behind the bed is where these lights are used. However, close to your study table or your reading chair in the library could also be a very well suited place for these lights. The point is that when they brighten one area more than the other, it draws attention to that particular area and that means that even if the rest of your place does not look so catchy but if you have invested well in that particular side/end of the room, your guests will be amazed to see how beautiful your place looks.

They are innovative

The modern world lives on innovation. Any innovative technology built with creative mind and purpose serving approach is widely appreciated and well accepted by common public. This is what is so catchy about these wall washer lighting too. These lights are innovative. A room with ordinary LED lights and a room with the wall washer lighting, which one do you think would look more beautiful and be the eye catcher? Definitely, the one with innovative wall washer lights.

Good For reading

As mentioned before, close to your study table or reading chair in library, these lights can turn out to be pretty useful instruments. Lamps have usually been serving the purpose, but a) lamps take space on table, b) lamps light is usually spread around in a circular way while you need light only in front of you on top of your book or study material. For these and other important reasons, wall washer lighting is better for reading and studying purposes.

Better in Kitchen too

Kitchen lights are very important not only when you are cutting vegetables etc, but when you cooking them you want to see the color of the food. With good lights right on top of you, you will be able to make better food too. Therefore, these are the kind of lights you need in your kitchen too.

So, from living room to bed room, study room and kitchen, everywhere these lights could be pretty useful and serve the purpose much better.