What should a good performance management system include?

Case management system is designed to guide the development and management of comprehensive and integrated treatment plans that significantly reduce these requirements in emergency departments. However, there are still no standards or training that will allow hospitals and social services to develop excellent case managers so that every healthcare facility needs to reinvent case management.

case management

Fortunately, recent scientific advances in human behaviour and the importance of modelling best practices for top case managers have changed this scenario for large and small hospitals and social institutions. Instead of introducing new case management system, only to discover that very few organizations are pursuing the desired behaviour, hospitals and social institutions can use their best case managers to drive behavioural development and critical behaviour in the enterprise. New Employees With this approach, patients receive better treatment while hospitals reduce their costs.This approach has four different levels.

Set up the bar – Identify your stars

Use the most powerful case managers and those of your partner to define the desired setting and behaviour. These key players (ie the “positive dissidents”) are often the most influential leaders in the local healthcare system because they are highly regarded for their track record and positive attitude.

Keep the change

Motivating employees are a great success, but maintaining that motivation is key, as the human tendency is almost always to quickly resume the attitudes and behaviours of the past.The intense practice of ideal attitudes and behaviours of case managers, especially when this practice is frequently applied to real situations, causes the pathways in the brain to be “relocated” and the desired functions quickly and completely internalized. Because the new abilities are such an integral part of normal work, everyone quickly realizes that the new form is the norm and the change is seen and felt as the basis.

Scale change

How does it work if you have a large hospital or healthcare system? There must be enough people involved in a short amount of time to create a “rumour” and to make sure that others accept the new program.

An emerging technology called “persuasive technology,” which is defined as technology that “changes what people believe and do,” enables rapid scaling. The most convincing technologies create the perception that every user has a personal mentor who takes care of him, even though he does it with many people at the same time. This sense of concern makes people feel that change is theirs alone; That’s the change fundamentally.

A way out of traditional sales practices

Remember that neither executive support nor evaluations are part of this approach. These steps require a minimum of support as their premise is to encourage change among the most dedicated people to ensure excellent case management.