Key Elements to Check in your Potential Microsoft NAV Partners

If you own a business that is growing and you would like more opportunities, Microsoft NAV can be of great help to you. It is an easy and high adaptable ERP solution that helps all types of business regardless of their size in automation and connecting different business processes including accounting, sales, purchasing management of inventory among others. To ensure that you get the best results when using this solution, you need to get the best partner to help you in the process. With the many microsoft nav partners, you need to know how to determine the best ones. Here are key elements you need to check out.

microsoft nav partners

Competency level
The many Microsoft NAV partners you find in the market are differentiated by their levels of competency. You should make sure they have a Microsoft certification program that shows their areas of specialisation and expertise. The most important thing here is to look that your potential partner has competencies that are in line with your own business needs. In addition, make sure that they give your business solution more priority than anything else.

Are they experienced?
This is vital question you should ask yourself when looking for any professional to offer any type of service in your business. You should only work with Microsoft NAV partners with rich experience. They should have rich knowledge in your business niche. With the right experience, it will be easy for them to offer rapid and success implementation. By having the right understanding of your business best practices, they will offer better solutions and suggest how you can improve some of your business processes.

Services offered
Before you begin any form of consultation with any partner, you should consider if the services provided fit your business needs. You have to ensure that your partner offer services in key areas including training, customization, user integration and adoption with all other systems.

Focus on client needs
It will be of no help to you if you work with Microsoft NAV partners who do not give the right focus to your specific business needs. The best partner is the one who takes time to learn more about your business. They must take enough time to understand how your business operates in order to be able to offer the right solution. You can easily know this during the consultation process depending on the questions that they ask you. In overall, your business needs must be their top priority.

Open communication is key to success when working with your Microsoft NAV partners. This helps you develop a strong relationship that will obviously bring more success in your business in the long end. A great partner must be transparent and offer instant responsiveness. Transparency and instant promptness are vital for an effective implementation process.

To get the best partner you can decide to seek recommendations from other business owners in your niche. They will offer you information you can rely on as you do your search because they have had direct working relationship
with the different Microsoft NAV partners.