How to Spot A Luxury Towel: The Definitive Guide

luxury towels uk

Those who do not believe that the quality of a towel matters, have probably never used a luxury towel in their lifetime. Like many of the finer things in life, with towels, you don’t know what you are missing until you have experienced it for yourself. Then, after being introduced to the overall better feeling, less irritating and more comfortable feel of a luxury towel, you certainly – will find it difficult to go back to your old cheaper towels.

What makes a towel a luxury towel uk? Most people don’t know. Because many regular towels are often sold and marketed as luxury ( although they really are not ) it actually takes a smart eye and an understanding of linen quality to truly identify a soft, luxurious towel from the towels that you will conventionally find in an everyday store.

Another thing that can often mislead people into thinking what they have is a “great towel” when really all they have bought is a standard one, is the price. We are made to believe, when it comes to linen that the more expensive the better. This is inaccurate. A regular towel with a high price is still just an overpriced regular towel. Just because you paid $30, $40 or even $60 dollars for a single towel does not mean that the towel that you bought is superior. In fact, if you are spending that much on just regular towels, you are, in fact – being duped.

So really what makes a towel truly luxury?

Material composition
How much percentage of materials in the towel are natural fibres?

Material the majority of the towel is made up of?
Towels come in both Egyptian and Turkish cotton or bamboo – they will be composed of these materials in different percentages and thread counts. The towel may also have some synthetic components, look at the tag to see what percentage of material your towel is made up of.

Colour and dying process How was the colour achieved?
Some people are sensitive to certain dyes and may feel irritated when drying with a towel that has be dyed using certain processes. Also, on very cheap towels the colours may bleed when wet, leaving surfaces stained. Luxury towels have deep “colours” that do not bleed or irritate. They stay vivid after multiple washes.

Size of the towel
Cheaper, non luxury towels may shrink in the wash. Luxury towels come in standardized sizes and do not shrink at any point in their lifecycle.

This is how long this towel will last you! A great towel that you do pay more money for should last many years and not lose any quality of that time. The best towels are as good today as they were when purchased a decade ago. How a towel holds up after many washings, certainly is a factor in measuring the quality of that towel.

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes some towels better than others ( seriously they are ). You may put in more consideration before buying a bunch of cheap towels for your home. Like we mentioned, towels for most people are just towels. Until they’ve had a good one, then they are never be able to go back!