How to choose your spark plugs

There’s a wide range of spark plugs in the market, and it might be daunting for one to pick the right one for their engine. It is important to know that every engine requires its own uniquely designed spark plug. Another thing to remember is that there are certain considerations that you must think about, which will help you avoid any possible mistakes. There are technical details that you need to deal with while choosing your spark plug. Here are a few important tips on how to choose the ideal spark plug.

Get Your Vehicle’s Specifications

You can get this by reading the owner’s manual, which has information about the specifications for buying and also gapping the spark plugs on your vehicle. You use the ignition specifications to find the ideal plugs for your vehicle.

For those who cannot access the owner’s manual, you can get your vehicle specifications from “Tune-Up Specification Guide” (spec sheet) at an auto supply store. What you should know about your vehicle include some of the following:

– its make, for instance, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet and so on

– its model, for example Discovery, Cl-class or Trailblazer, as well as the model year

– type of engine and number of cylinders

– its transmission whether manual or automatic

– its spark plug gap

– the number for the spark plugs designed for your vehicle

– your vehicle fuel system

Consider these specifications before and when you visit the auto supply store. Double check the information and if you’re unsure, have a salesperson do it for you. This way, you’ll be able to choose your spark plugs, the ideal ones for your vehicle.

Consider the Heat Range

The heat range is an important factor when one is picking spark plugs for their vehicle. Spark plugs are very sensitive when it comes to heat. With this in mind, spark plug designers make plugs with varying heat ranges that can handle the consequences of heat. Ensure you buy from spark plug sellers who stock from reliable plug manufacturers. You can get a plug that can handle a wide and varying range of temperature.

Remember heat range changes with seasons. With heat increases the temperature of inlet air, the load on your vehicle’s engine is increased. It would be ideal to choose a spark plug with a higher heat rant in summer.

Think About Horsepower

First, note that if your vehicle’s horsepower has been increased through tuning, you’ll need a plug with a higher heat range and one with a high level of heat resistance. This is because there’s an increase in combustion chamber temperature from the increase in explosive power. There’s a likelihood pre-ignition will occur, so choose your spark plugs in accordingly.

Experts suggest that due to their high conductivity copper plugs tend to have the best performance when compared to iridium and platinum spark plugs. Iridium and platinum plugs are said to have higher longevity than copper plugs. You can choose the spark plugs that suit your requirements. It is wise to find a skilled mechanic who can advise you.

As you choose your spark plugs, remember to consider the top brands as this significantly increases your chances of getting a quality one. For example, you can choose from a range of top-quality NGK spark plugs to find the best fit for you.