How to choose 3D design software

professional 3D design software

As computers become more powerful and accessible to ever-larger home markets, software vendors have begun integrating and marketing professional desktop software solutions, formerly exclusively for industrial users, into home-office applications.

In the area of professional 3d design software rendering and drawing focuses on home designs, you have professional home design software that is both powerful and user-friendly enough to be used by homeowners. The only distinguishing quality is the price and network capability to share shared files that business users demand. Then there is the after-sales technical support, which response to professional software editions of companies. Otherwise, there is really little to distinguish except AutoCAD.

AutoCAD: the standard home design software for professionals
It can be a tough fight to overcome a standard that has dominated the industry for 25 years. The AutoCAD 2D drawing and 3D rounding tool has spanned industries ranging from toy makers to space shuttle designers and remains a design tool of choice among professionals.

Almost all commercial products were developed from it. It’s not specifically optimized for the home design, but it has all the features and functions that home-based software application products have, from simple 2D floor plans to sophisticated 3D models with simulated light and shadow play as well as walk-through -Animation.

There are a lot of commercial imitators for Autodesk’s AutoCAD software, all of which want a slice of the industry and professional market, some of which are themselves low and gain market share. Admittedly, AutoCAD is not for everyone, as it is quite expensive and costs $ 3,500 for a single-user license. But it’s reassuring to note that professional and ambitious home design solutions are CAD-based, borrowing many of AutoCAD’s 2D and 3D drawing capabilities.

Chief architect
Designed and marketed to residential and commercial designers and architects, Chief Architect’s home design solutions come from a company of the same name who has been in the home design business since the early ’90s. Chief Architect Pro is the professional application for architects and builders. It is essentially a set of drawing tools covering all aspects of home building design such as architectural design of the home, remodelling, interior design, landscaping and landscaping, deck and patio design and floor planning, all in professional 3D design software and realistic light and shadow animated walk-throughs.

Chief Architect Home Designer Pro
In addition to Chief Architect, the brand has formed a business partnership with Better Homes and Gardens to lead the next generation of home designer software products, Chief Architect. Therefore, the ninth version after Better Homes and Garden Home Designer 8.0 will be marketed as Chief Architect Home Designer Pro 9.0 with sub-derivatives for the home markets.

Chief Architect Home Designer Pro 9.0
This is aimed at beginners as well as at professionals, companies and home markets. It can be considered an upscale top-of-the-line home design solution, costing around US $ 400 in the open market. It is a derivative of the chief architect Pro. Chief Architect also markets Interior Designer Pro 9.0, which comes from the same suite, with a closer focus on, as its name suggests, interior design