Features and Benefits of the best Car Boot Protectors

A car boot carries virtually anything that is small enough to fit. Excessive weight, fluid spills, as well as other influences from such contents, can damage the boot in no time. The best way to ensure your car boot is protected and remains as good as new at all times is to install a new, high-quality car boot protector or liner.

What Is A Car Boot Liner?
Car boot liners are accessories installed in the boots or cars to protect this storage area from mud, spills as well as other contamination. This accessory also cushions the boot’s paint and the original carpet from the destruction sharp or hard objects can cause. A car whose interior is installed with boot protector is easier to clean and may have a high resale value. However, not just any boot protector will do. You have to find the right one.

car boot protectors
car boot protectors

Features of a Good Car Boot Protector
In order to provide your car with the best boot protection, you must find the best car liner. Here are the most important factors that define a good protector for your car boot.

Size And Fit: There are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to boot liners. Thus custom made liners will fit your vehicle perfectly resulting in a more uniform fit. However, some models may fit more than one model of vehicles. Universal boot liners are available at much lower cost than custom-made versions. If you cannot afford a tailor-made boot liner then you can buy a universal model and trim it to the right size and fit.

The Material : You can choose between rubber, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), plastic and carpet or fiber boot liners. The rubber boot protectors are the most common. They are flexible and therefore take the shape of the car boot without cracks of damage. Furthermore, rubber is water resistant and therefore prevents spills from damaging your car’s original carpet. However, rubber boot protectors are heavy.

The low-density polyethylene (LDPE) liners are affordable and easy to work with allowing the liner to be transformed into different shapes for a perfect fit. LDPE boot liners look much like plastic and are difficult to manipulate because of poor flexibility. Carpet liners provide thicker cover and softer and effective protection. Generally, the best material for a boot liner is one that is tough, waterproof and non-absorbent.

Performance And Functionality : A good boot liner should be functional. It should be able to prevent any slips from overflowing with features such as raised edges. Most anti-slip liners are made from rubber and feature frictional top surface or other similar feature. Besides anti-slip surface, great models also have anti-slip bottoms to help keep them in place once installed. This feature is vital when you have to place heavy objects in the boot.

Another functionality feature is weather resistant. Good models are all weather and therefore can withstand the effects of sun and rain. If you love traveling with your pet then you might have to find a pet boot protector, which is much thinner, easier to remove and yet still waterproof.