Applications of Mirrors


Mirrors have been used since the past. Also, if you’d like to get high quality products, visit Mirror World for more mirrors. In the ancient World the fathers of invention widely applied mirrors in their study.They discovered a number of instruments which made use of mirrors.Today with the advanced technology,the applications of mirrors have been revolutionized. Equipment’s made in the past using mirrors have been refined to suit the needs of present World.This can be attributed to the various forms of mirrors.The four main types are concave mirror which produces divergent rays.Convex mirror which is known for converging of rays.The plane mirror, which is known to produce wavelengths of a similar quality to the original rays.Finally we have the spherical mirror which produces both concave and convex rays,this brings about a parabolic effect.These four types of mirrors have been widely applied in;

  1. In the Medical Field.

Doctors use mirrors in order to have a better view of specimens.One of the greatest uses is in the microscope.This equipment is able to see objects which are not visible to the human eye.It makes use of high power magnifying glasses and lenses which are adjustable.The microscope has helped in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.It is also applied in other fields by scientists and detectives. Scientists make use of an advance version of microscope called the telescope.

        In the medical field too, doctors use the reflective properties of mirrors to see human parts properly.Since the mouth is dark in order to view the molars and pre-molars better a doctor illuminates the mouth.Uses in the medical field are countless, thus these are just a few examples.

  1. Used in the Automobile Industry.

Imagine driving a car without a view of what is happening behind you.Thanks to mirrors now drivers can see beyond their eyesight. Mirrors which assist the driver in navigation are fitted at the rear ends of cars,lorries,motor bikes etc.These mirrors are often referred to as side mirrors.A driver can fit as many mirrors to assist him as long as they do not interfere with the sight of other motorists.

  1. Applied in the security sector.

Similarly to the medical field,the security sector makes extensive use of mirrors. Detectives make use of the magnifying lenses to have a clear view of minor details, in a crime scene or during investigations.Further they make take pictures using a camera.The camera makes use of mirrors too.A camera is viewed as a replica of the human eye since they function using the same principles.

     In the rescue and search missions,rescuers make use of lenses.These lenses are mounted on cars,rescue planes,rescue ships etc.They have the ability of focusing wide areas at a go and in difficult angles and locations.This has helped save lives to a large extent.In the military drones are used to locate and target enemies.Drones are installed with the best of the best lenses.They can relay live picture when flying thousands of miles away from the ground.

  1. Grooming Purposes.

This is the most common application of mirrors.They can reflect things directly as they appear.The plane mirror is the most common in grooming.

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