4 Ways Web Design Affects Your SEO

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In the environment in which we live today, responsive design is not an innovation anymore. Rather, it is a bare minimum aspect of any search engine optimization plan, irrespective of the industry. Here is how website design cheshire affects your SEO campaign.

1. Improved Site Usability
If users find it hard to navigate your website quickly, what makes you think that they can stick around?

Google recognizes the time that a user spends on a page as a critical indicator of the value of a website for a given query. Thanks to responsive web design, your website is much easier for your visitors to navigate and read. The net effect is a better user experience and a greater time spent on your site. High usability scores will automatically lead to repeat customers and greater conversions. A mobile responsive web design is the fundament of positive user experience. In fact, Google rewards sites that give users such an experience.

2. Minimum Bouncing
Assume that, by some miracle, a website has climbed to the top of search engine results page using other means and not responsive web design. The problem is, users will most probably bounce off it, after visiting it once. This is because of the unresponsive nature of the website. The big hero here is there, responsive web design. Websites that are responsive indulge visitors to experience one particular online space. One crucial thing to not here is that when a web user experiences an excellent desktop website, it’s very unlikely that they will be contented with a watered-down mobile version. Hence, the solution to reduced bounce rate is the total dedication to creating a mobile-friendly, dynamic and responsive website.

3. Faster Page Speed
How fast a page loads is an important and a known parameter for ranking. It’s critical that every website is optimized to load as fast as possible as this will help its chances of ranking well in search engines. Over the years, Google has been sending a consistent message that it favours fast loading sites in search results. This is just one of the reasons why Google insists on using responsive web design. Mobile responsive websites tend to load faster (especially on smart devices and mobile phones), which results in a better user experience, plus the chance of a boost in rankings.

4. Boosted Social Sharing
The way responsive web design is built is to enable easy social sharing for the single most important demographic online, which is the mobile user.While there is no question about the help social media gives to SEO, social shares won’t directly impact on rankings. However, it will help your business grow an audience. With a bigger audience comes greater traffic and engagement, and also more search demand queries for your brand. This will inevitably make Google notice you. If your website is not optimized for smartphone and mobile users, it’s going to have a tough time convincing visitors to navigate the poorly designed buttons for social sharing that are designed primarily for desktop use.

When looking at how to go about their web design, Cheshire residents need to recognize that it that will also have an impact on their SEO. A responsive web design will minimize bounce rate, increase load times, and improve usability.